How to enlarge a penis

It has happened that the penis always arouses sincere interest and talks about its functionality, while great attention is paid to such a problem as the size of the penis. Most experts believe that the normal size of a penis in an erect state is 12-20 cm, others believe it is 13-18 cm.

penis enlargement

Which affects the size of the penis

The main effect on testosterone levels is during puberty in young men. If at this time sex hormones are present in the body in excessive amounts, then it can be expected that the penis will be large, it is quite possible that its length in the upright state will reach 25-30 cm. When testosterone levels decrease slightly, the organ reaches 12-14 cm. The average penis size is 16-18 cm. If the penis does not exceed 10 cm in length during erection, it indicates low levels of testosterone in the body and possible endocrine diseases that are inherited.

The opinion that women, if they have a sexual organ within the limits of normal, ie 12-20 cm, will find it difficult to provide pleasure during sexual intercourse, is certainly wrong. In this case, size is not as important as a man’s skills and his understanding of female physiology and the need for sexual affection. As for the question when showing penis enlargement, then this problem is usually dealt with by men whose penis size does not fall into the "optimal" range, ie less than 12 cm.

Increase methods

Penis enlargement can be changed in two ways: by the surgical method of correction and by the conservative method. Surgical method or plastic surgery of the penis can be performed as follows: ligamentotomy. The attachment of the ligament is transferred from the pubic joint to the penis, while the penis can be extended by 1-2 cm. The operation is performed in 15 minutes, and the rehabilitation period lasts several days. Penis prosthesis implantation. To adjust the size of the penis, special prostheses are inserted into its tissues. However, with this approach, the penis will remain in a state of tension all the time (some models allow you to create relaxation, but are quite expensive). A polymer network (matrix) is installed in the subcutaneous tissue of the organ, on which the own tissues will gradually grow. Thus, the thickness of the penis in the range will increase by 1-2 cm.

operative penis enlargement

Conservative method

Using an extender, a device that can increase the size of the penis by 0. 5-1 cm per year, is subject to daily use. One end of the device will rest on the pubic area and the other on the head of the penis, gradually stretching its "body".

Milking. The penis is heated under hot water and then "milking" movements are made in the direction from the base to the head. Regular exercise gives an increase of 0, 5 cm per year.

With the help of vacuum discharge. Using a vacuum pump allows you to stretch and increase the diameter of the penis up to 1 cm per year.

There is another way to increase the size of the penis without surgery, but just as effectively. To understand the essence of the method, you must know that the organ has a spongy structure inside. When arousal occurs, the "sponge" cells fill with blood, increasing and the penis tense - this is an erection. But this increase is limited to the membrane of the corpora cavernosa, or tunic albuginea. It is this structure that has a direct impact on penis size. The new method consists in the use of a special apparatus that saturates the white membrane with preparations that make it softer, which facilitates the stretching of the tissue, and is performed with a vacuum device. It is worth noting that the method is very effective, because it can achieve an increase in length up to 2 cm, and in a circle - up to 1, 5 cm in just a month. It must be borne in mind that the use of any method of penis enlargement is possible only under the supervision of a urologist, in order to avoid possible complications.