How to increase penis size in a month at home

penis enlargement surgery

Surgery can enlarge the head of the penis. But it is considered one of the most difficult in the field of plastic surgery. The main danger is that the body rejects the implant material. Other disadvantages of the procedure include: long recovery period, long preparation for surgery.

During the operation, a special matrix is inserted under the head, which looks like a pillow. Increases penis size. The danger is that the tissue will reject the implant. It causes necrosis, an inflammatory process, in some cases penile gangrene is diagnosed.

Thanks to surgery, the diameter of the head increases rapidly. The matrix consists of fibroblasts (they are also connective tissue cells). With an erection the matrix stretches, the penis becomes much larger. After a year and a half, the implant begins to dissolve, the penis returns to the same size.

How to measure and at what age

The active growth of the intimate organ in boys begins from the moment of maturation, ie from 12-13. From that point on, doctors have age norms for lengths that increase by an average of 1 cm each year, and the average penis length at age 15 is 6-7 cm (in a fully upright position 12-16). At the age of fourteen, 5-6 cm (11-15 cm), with 13 about 5 cm (10-13 cm).

For budgets to be accurate, the body must be properly measured:

  1. The first measurement is performed at rest. A centimeter tape is more appropriate for this than one with a higher error rate.
  2. The bracket must be fixed (without stretching! ) Parallel to the floor, and the edge of the meter must be attached to its very root.
  3. The length corresponding to the end of the head is equal to the length of the penis at rest.
  4. The procedure is repeated, achieving a full and stable erection, while fixing the penis in an even, parallel position with the floor.

In the presence of "unsatisfactory" results, it is necessary to perform repeated measurements, but not earlier than 3-4 months. The procedure is performed once every 6 months, preferably with a male parent.

Folk remedies to enhance erections

From effective folk remedies for a long and firm climb you can use well-known and affordable food products. The main ones are nuts, seafood, sour cream, dried fruits, pumpkin seeds.

List of healthy ingredients that can be combined or eaten neatly:

  • herbs, peppers, herbs - contain biologically active components to increase potency, combine well with sour cream;
  • tomato, celery, carrot - to saturate the human body with vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of the genitourinary system;
  • dried fruit with honey - compensates for the lack of trace elements and vitamins, increases libido and enhances sexual feelings;
  • seafood, river fish, caviar - contain zinc, important for sexual function, as well as many amino acids and trace elements.
penis enlargement products

Of the medicinal plants for potency will be useful spruce, St. John's wort, nettle, hawthorn, clover, mint, ginseng, parsnip.

How to enlarge a penis?

The pathology is treated in two ways:

  • Conservative. It consists of taking hormonal medications, as well as using an extender and a vacuum.
  • Surgically.

Conservative way

Vacuum devices

They work on the principle of pressure gradient - with the help of a pump, air is removed from the cylinder, creating a vacuum in the cylinder. As a result, blood from the body enters the penis, causing it to increase.

Extenders are external stretching devices for permanent stretching of the penis in length.

Attention! The extender is used not only to lengthen the penis, but also to straighten organs, for example, in Peyronie’s disease. With the help of an extension cord, you can achieve the following results:

With the help of an extension cord, you can achieve the following results:

  • increase in length by 3-5 cm in the state of erection;
  • 2-3 cm in a relaxed state;
  • increase in diameter by 1 cm.

The extender is placed on the penis in a relaxed state for 4-10 hours a day. Use the device for 4 to 6 months, depending on the desired extension. The achieved results last a lifetime.

Therapy is contraindicated for:

  • inflammatory processes of the foreskin and head;
  • excessively pronounced foreskin;
  • pointed penis.

An andrologist should be consulted before starting treatment.

Surgical method

penis surgical

Surgical treatment is prescribed for: ligamentotomy, phalourethroplasty, corporectomy, implantation.

The anatomical characteristics of the attachment of the corpora cavernosa to the pubic bones enable an increase in the length of the penis with the help of surgery.

Suspension ligament dissection (ligamentotomy) is the most common surgical technique that allows the penis to be extended to the length allowed inside the corpora cavernosa. It is performed in combination with plastic surgery of the skin at the base of the penis.

Possible postoperative complications

There is no objective forecast of the results of the operation. It all depends on the anatomical characteristics of the place where the operation is performed. The result will depend on the results of CT and MRI of the tissue, the length of the ligaments and other factors.

After the operation, complications can develop in the form of:

  • postoperative scars caused by prolonged wound healing;
  • scrotalization, excessive dissection of the supporting ligament. This can lead to the placement of the penis in the scrotum;
  • pubic hair movement;
  • retracted penis in which the penis is retracted into the pubic articulation;
  • necrosis of a thinly or narrowly cut lobe of skin.

Types of exercises

Penis enlargement exercises allow you to improve the dimensions of your organ, not only in length, but also in width. To apply them, you only need to use your hands and additional means, for example, coolants and warming fluids, to control the blood flow to the penis. The best option is to use a manual technique that uses only a few fingers of the hand.

There are a large number of different options for such manipulations, they are divided into simple and complex. Beginners should start with the easiest. This will avoid complications and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Consider what types of exercises are:

  • Pulling the penis into the crowd. This group is the most popular of all for size correction, because length is an indicator that worries men.
  • Increasing thickness. Exercises in this group include manipulations whose purpose is to add a few centimeters to the circumference of the phallus. They get less attention than the previous group, although the girls claim that thickness is more important. This is due to the structure of the female internal genitals: more emotion arises when the penis rubs against the walls of the vagina.
  • Withdrawal of the penis in a sitting position. Numerous studies have shown that in a sitting position, blood circulates differently in the reproductive system, this function can be used for your exercises. By increasing the internal pressure, it is possible to change the size for the better.
  • Another type of exercise is massage. It can help improve blood circulation and stretch the organs, which will help increase its size. To do this, the phallus needs to be lifted slightly, grabbed with two fingers and made movements reminiscent of masturbation. These were preparatory measures, thanks to which the "household" should get up completely, then you should take the head with both hands, press it into the foot and stretch until discomfort occurs. You must perform the exercise carefully, otherwise there is a risk of stretching the ligaments. you need to rest between approaches.
  • Bell. It is necessary to bring the phallus to an upright position, and then, without the use of hands, make movements up and down and left and right. It is necessary to combine such actions with the maximum tension of the muscle tissue of the perineum.
  • Jelqing. This technique has become known all over the world. To start the exercise, you have to bring the erection in half, you do not need to use your head, so it is better not to touch it. We will talk about this exercise later.
  • Penile flexion. It is necessary to bring the phallus to such a state that it stands a little more than halfway. Next, you need to bend the trunk in those directions where you will be more comfortable doing so, so you should listen to your feelings as much as possible to stop the manipulations in time if necessary. If pain occurs, it is better to leave the exercise or take actions less intensely, increasing it daily.
  • Kegel exercises. This technique is not only intended for men, but also for women, because it is an excellent exercise for the genitals - it contributes to a better erection and causes a great orgasm. Gymnastics is easy to perform, you just need to use the perineum muscles properly.

Remember to give your penis time to recover after each workout. All manipulations must be performed without sudden movements, it is best to coordinate them with your doctor. The fact is that some men have congenital pathologies that they themselves do not even know, stretching, bending or squeezing can cause their complication.

Tips for women

An important factor in a good erection will be mutual understanding between the partners. Casual sex can do without this, but when there is a beloved woman who constantly exists, the issue of intimate life requires more attention.

problems in bed due to penis size

In order for an erection to be strong and to enjoy both, a man must feel desire.

A beloved woman always knows exactly what excites her partner and how to create a favorable environment for amazing sex.

In the event that a bedtime incident has occurred before, you don’t need to constantly remind him, even in jest.

For a man this sits deep in the subconscious, and even when everything seems to be forgotten, at some point he can simply become impotent.

Self-confidence is another major factor in sexual performance. The more a man feels loved, needed, attractive, the more he wants to prove himself in bed, and as a result - unforgettable sex with a strong erection.

How important length is

Measuring size for a child and a parent has different sides

For a boy of sixteen, it is important to have a "cool device", it is a sign of strength, power and sexuality. No one will ever laugh at such a teenager, and the opportunity to brag about non-standard sizes will give confidence in their own sexual capabilities and increase self-esteem.

For parents, the exact length is a confirmation of the correct and healthy development of their son. The ability to conceive a child, give offspring and become happy in family life, knowing oneself.

The genitals, like all body systems, begin to develop before the baby is born.

After birth, the baby must be examined by a doctor, taking into account the presence of testicles in the scrotum and the initial size of the penis. In newborns should be equal to 1, 5-2 cm

An initial examination reveals intrauterine pathologies and allows them to be removed at the very beginning of the boy's life. An alarming sign of a problem with the genitourinary system is the crying of crumbs when urinating.

The average length of a penis largely depends on the age at which the teenager began to mature. The earlier puberty occurs, the more impressive the young man will have. The following manifestations will tell about the beginning of adolescence:

  • changes in psycho-emotional state, irritability, nervousness or vice versa, apathy and infantilism;
  • breaking the voice;
  • the appearance of acne and acne;
  • hair growth in the groin and armpits;
  • increase in penis size.

Expert opinion

i expert in penis enlargement

Most doctors are convinced that the phallus can only be enlarged by surgery. However, this method is very dangerous. In addition, it has a temporary effect.

Therefore, men are still trying to find an easier and cheaper way to solve the problem of organ size on their own.

Any method of penis enlargement, which is performed at home, can really add a few centimeters to an organ that is not large enough. But men should understand that such actions often lead to the development of unpleasant health consequences.

If, despite serious risks, they still want to increase their phallus a little, they should seek professional help. It will tell you the most effective and safest option for penis enlargement, which will save a man from his complex.

Healthy food

There are several products, the use of which can be called the most effective for changing the size of masculinity. They contain essential trace elements and minerals that have a beneficial effect on the male reproductive system.

Penis enlargement products generally have a strengthening effect on the body, thereby enhancing erections and improving sperm quality. Therefore, they can be used even by those who do not want to change the size of their manhood, but want to make sex more sensual and orgasm brighter.

Honey for penis enlargement has been used since ancient times. It is a valuable source of trace elements and amino acids. Propolis in honey has a tonic effect and helps to stop inflammatory processes. It is recommended to consume 1 tablespoon of honey daily. It helps to improve sperm quality by increasing sperm motility and enhancing erections.

honey to improve erection


This product will enlarge the penis, clear the mind and improve performance. All this concerns nuts, especially walnuts. They contain iodine which helps to normalize metabolism and a large number of amino acids. Eating walnuts helps restore potency, and the duration of an erection can be increased.

nuts to improve potency


In Eastern countries, sesame is added to most dishes for no reason. This is one of those foods you eat for penis enlargement. It is rich in the following elements:

Eating sesame seeds helps the body produce testosterone. And this hormone is responsible for the sex drive. Erection strength, sperm quality and penis size directly depend on its level. If a boy had low testosterone levels as a child, this could lead to a small penis in adulthood.

sesame seeds to improve potency


Buckwheat is one of the most obvious foods to eat for penis growth. Buckwheat is one of the richest cereals. It contains a large amount of trace elements and amino acids, necessary for normal growth and development.

buckwheat for penis growth

Buckwheat is considered a valuable source of B-carotene and ascorbic acid. Buckwheat is traditionally used in most diets because it also contains a lot of iron and improves blood composition.

Sea food

Another important product in choosing what you need to eat to grow a penis is seafood. They are not only aphrodisiacs, but also a valuable source of iodine. They stimulate the production of sex hormones, which leads to increased desire and helps increase the duration of erections.

seafood for potency

Regular consumption of seafood in food helps lower cholesterol levels, normalize hormones, which allows you to activate the blood supply to the pelvic organs. And this, in turn, becomes the reason for the intensification of feelings during erection and helps the penis to increase in size.

Fresh vegetables and fruits

Fresh vegetables and fruits are the main source of vitamins. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps neutralize the harmful effects of the environment. Vitamin C promotes blood thinning, which allows the activation of the blood supply in the capillaries.

vegetables for penis growth

Trace elements help activate hormone synthesis and amplify all reactions in the body. Fruits and vegetables are a key ingredient of anyone looking for what to eat to enlarge their penis.

Milk products

Milk and its derivatives will be an excellent source of amino acids needed for penis growth. It contains calcium and bacteria needed to maintain immunity.

It needs to be drunk regularly to make the penis enlarge. Dairy products contain a lot of protein, which is also necessary for those men who build muscle. Dairy products are excellent sources of calcium to strengthen bones.

dairy products for penis growth

They can also be used to normalize the intestinal microflora because they contain human-associated lactic acid bacteria. It is necessary to eat dairy products regularly in order for their effect to be most pronounced.

Fatty fish

Oily fish is rich in omega-3 acids. These acids are necessary to ensure the normal functioning of each person. They participate in the formation of biological membranes and stimulate the absorption of vitamins A and E.

If you need to find a source of omega-3 acids, you need to know which foods contain a lot of penis and a lot of fat. These are usually red fish and fish roe.

Why are penis exercises so effective?

Penis enlargement exercises can be found in almost all cultures in the world due to their ease of implementation and high level of efficiency. Most of them are aimed at stretching tissues and regulating blood flow, because these are the most important principles of erection. Exercises should start smoothly, in the first stages 15 minutes a day will be enough, which will allow the structural elements of the penis to get used to such manipulations. Gradually the time can be increased to 30 minutes, experts recommend doing gymnastics to enlarge the penis immediately after waking up in the morning or just before bedtime.

When switching to heavier exercises, you need to be careful and smooth, because the penis is made up of very delicate and sensitive structural units. Moreover, the internal cavity contains a complex system of blood vessels and various valves, the damage of which is fraught with serious complications, all the way to the loss of reproductive function.

Therefore, consult your doctor before any manipulations. After diagnostic measures, they will tell you how to quickly and safely enlarge your penis with exercises.

penis growth exercise

Gymnastics and similar exercises have numerous advantages, which is why millions of men choose this method of lengthening their genitals. These include:

  • regulation of the circulatory system;
  • stretching the penis;
  • exercise stimulates the production of sex hormone - testosterone, which positively affects potency, and this will significantly improve sex life;
  • systematic manipulations allow you to find weaknesses in the male body that can be removed after a while;
  • physical activity increases blood flow to the pelvic organs, including the corpus cavernosum of the penis;
  • production of androgenic hormones and adrenaline, which help normalize the nervous system, so you can quickly deal with stress and depression;
  • filling the trunk with blood, which contributes to its increase;
  • removal of stagnation;
  • a positive effect is achieved after 3 months;
  • minimal number of side effects;
  • after exercise, muscle tone increases and mood improves;
  • if all the rules are followed, there are no complications.

To achieve a positive effect in a short period of time, remember that the most important thing is the regularity of such training. You don’t have to rely on a quick result right away; to enlarge the phallus by just a few inches, you will have to wait a few months, subject to daily manipulations.

Some men, in search of length and volume, ignore all the rules and recommendations, which leads to serious consequences.

Useful products for penis enlargement

Among the products that have a direct impact on the size of the male genital organ are:

  1. Honey. This product has been used by men since ancient times. This is due to the fact that honey contains many trace elements and amino acids. Propolis, which is considered the main component of the product, has a strengthening effect on the immune system and prevents the formation of inflammatory processes. In addition, honey has a beneficial effect on the quality of secreted sperm, while increasing the motility of the sperm and increasing erection.
  2. Nuts. In addition to penis enlargement, they improve memory and performance. Basically, these properties are inherent in nuts that contain a lot of iodine and amino acids. Walnuts will help restore potency and prolong the duration of an erection.
  3. Sesame. This product is quite popular in eastern countries and is present in almost every dish. The fact is that sesame contains a large amount of vitamins and useful elements, especially iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium. The product increases the amount of testosterone produced, the level of which affects the strength of the erection, the quality of the sperm and the size of the male genital organ. It is therefore recommended that boys be fed sesame seeds from childhood, as insufficient testosterone production may be one of the reasons for a small penis.
  4. Buckwheat porridge. It is quite a popular product for improving male fertility. This cereal contains many trace elements that affect the growth and development of the penis.
  5. Oatmeal. This cereal helps increase the amount of testosterone produced, which is directly responsible for the size of the primary genital organs.
  6. Sea food. Fish, caviar and other foods contain iodine, which helps increase hormone production, thus stabilizing libido.
  7. Cherry. It contains numerous anthocyanins that dilate the walls of arteries and blood vessels. As a result, the blood flow in the cavernous body and veins of the penis increases, which contributes to the increase in the size of the male genital organ.
  8. Garlic. It contains allicin, which is considered necessary for normal blood circulation. In addition to increasing the size of the penis, this product helps improve erections.
  9. Papaya. The product contains numerous vitamins and minerals that have a firming effect on the smooth muscles of the penis, helping to increase its elasticity.
  10. Bananas and apples. Medicine has proven the connection between the consumption of the presented fruit and the enlargement of the male genital organ. If you want to increase the size of your penis, it is recommended to eat apple and banana salads every day, you can additionally add honey, cherries and nuts.
  11. Broccoli. It contains folic acid, which directly affects the number of sperm, promotes the expansion of the corpus cavernosum. Penis enlargement is performed due to the creation of new cells.

The diet for penis enlargement must necessarily be balanced, then not only will the size of the penis change, but the erection will also increase, which will lead to an improvement in the quality of semen.