Penis enlargement technique

how to increase penis size

Anthropologists claim that men have long sought to increase the size of their penis.

Many techniques have been created for this, in the oldest discussions, possible options for influencing the penis to increase it have been described.

Is Penis Enlargement Possible? There are many different ways to enlarge the penis.

Properly chosen penis enlargement technique is the key to success. It is common to distinguish three main methods of penis enlargement.

Basic penis enlargement techniques

  • Surgical penis enlargement.1-2 decades ago, artificial silicone material was used in penis enlargement surgeries. The essence of the operation was injections into the skin of the penis with this material, which led to an increase in its thickness. Insufficient results and possible complications forced surgeons to reconsider their views on this method. In our time of the sexual revolution, penis enlargement surgeries are performed quite often. To increase the volume of the penis, injections are given with biological material taken from the patient's tissues. These are deposits of fat in the thigh area, which makes the procedure safer. As the length of the penis increases, an incision is made in the tissues that support the penis from above, and then it is sutured slightly lower than it used to be. The result is noticeable almost immediately. There is a risk of infection and various forms of complications. This operation can increase the penis by 4 cm.
  • Penis enlargement supplements.This method consists of regularly taking specially formulated medications for penis enlargement. These can be pills or dietary supplements. Their composition is mostly natural, including unique plants and components. They are considered harmless. With this method, you can increase your penis by 0. 5 cm per year. With this method you can maximize the penis by 3-4 cm.

Manual ways to enlarge the penis

There are several of them:

  1. Vacuum method.This technique uses a vacuum pump. The penis is inserted into a flask made of transparent material, air is pumped out of the pump bottle, which leads to tension in the tissues of the penis and the flow of blood into them. With regular use of the pump, the tissues stretch and gain elasticity, leading to an increase in its size. There is a risk of injury if misused. This technique is applied throughout the year and gives an average of 3 cm.
  2. Traction method.Its essence lies in stretching the tissues of the penis with the help of special devices - extenders. They help to tighten the penis in an extended position over time, which leads to an increase in the volume of tissue, ie the penis itself. The method is safe. Possible penis enlargement - 3-4 cm. The best effect is achieved by using this technique immediately after surgery.
  3. Manual exercises.This method is very similar to the previous one, but it has its own characteristics. The essence is the same, but the effect is more complete. In addition, such exercises have a beneficial effect on the entire genitourinary system, potency improves, and the risk of diseases of a sexual nature decreases. The method is absolutely safe and universal, suitable for everyone, without exception. You can increase your penis by 3-5 cm in a year.

When choosing a penis enlargement technique, it is important to consider your capabilities and needs. If you need a quick result, use the vacuum method, if it is long-term - pulling, exercise or medication, and if you want to enlarge the penis quickly and for a long time, you can resort to the surgical method.