Penis thickening: types of techniques and their principles

Not every man is satisfied with the dignity he has by nature.

A small penis can bring many problems, from complex to poor quality intercourse.

A small penis sometimes strongly affects a man's self-confidence, his partner is not happy with sex.

Fortunately, today there are many opportunities that will help representatives of the stronger sex of mankind to thicken the penis and feel full, gaining a decent size of one of the significant masculine virtues.

thickened man

Normal penis sizes

It also happens that a man is too critical of himself, it seems to him that the value of dignity is insufficient. To rule out an error, it is worth understanding what it is - a normal size. Of course, individuality plays an important role here, so there are no boundaries and norms on this issue. According to statistics, the average penis size reaches 15 cm in length and up to 5 cm in width.

These indicators refer to white men. When the parameters differ significantly downward and this interferes with normal life, you can think about how to thicken the penis by available means.

Basic methods of penis thickening

To date, more than one technique has been developed to help solve an intimate problem and make the penis thicker. This includes the surgical method of intervention.

  1. Lipofilling.The method consists of introducing free fat taken from one’s own body by liposuction through the entire axis of the penis. The suprapubic zone acts as part of the donor body. The ointment is given a special treatment before being injected under the skin of the penis. The manipulation is performed in several stages. This makes it possible to rule out allergic and inflammatory reactions of the body to the new material. The disadvantage is the fact that the effect will be short-lived together with the resorption of the injected material.
  2. Fold implantation. . . The lipofilling method has been somewhat modernized, and skin and fat patches, taken from the gluteal or inguinal fold, are used as an implant during surgery. Suitable material is at least 12-15 cm long and 5 to 12 cm wide, which depends on the size of the penis.
  3. An autologous transplant that preserves blood. . . The method of increasing the size has been recognized as very promising. The surgery consists of removing the twisted muscle lobe along with the base, which feeds the pedicle at the root of the penis. The free part of this autograft is performed under the skin of the male penis and is attached to the coronary groove.
  4. Artificial tissue transplantation. . . This operation will consist of tissue growth (implants), which are later transplanted under the skin of the penis. A big plus is that the result is already programmed and no additional incision is needed to remove the transplant. This technique is recognized today as the most advanced.
  5. Corporotomy. . . The manipulation is performed by cutting the cavernous bodies of the tunic phallus, where inserts from the autovenous or other materials are then inserted. It can be assumed that the thickening of the penis is normal, if it has increased evenly, there is no bulge, there is a graft and there is no deformation of the contours of the penis.
fat for penis thickening

Also, men have the opportunity to undergo penis thickening and thus correct their dignity without surgery. This can be done with fillers. Hyaluronic acid, or rather a gel based on it, is injected under the skin.

No anesthesia is required for this manipulation; it must be done in an outpatient clinic. After a few days, you can return to your normal life, and after 3 weeks, the intimate problem will completely recover and you will be able to have sex for sure.

It is useful to note

The filler has a limited validity period of 10 months to 1 year. But the procedure can be repeated at will, because the component has no restrictions and is completely safe.

Penis thickening at home and reviews on the effectiveness of the method

In modern society, there is a growing interest in operations aimed at thickening the penis.

Perhaps the reason for this can be not only small obesity, but also dissatisfaction with the quality of sexual life.

After all, it happens that a person does not need a lot of thickness, but he sees the solution to the problem in that. In order not to undergo surgery, you can try to enlarge your penis at home.

Penis thickening at home

The main factors that will help increase the thickness of the phallus at home are the proper production of testosterone and excellent blood circulation. To achieve the desired effect, you need to work on yourself so that the whole body and the main organ gain health.

Effective penis thickening can be achieved by the following rules:

  • Eat well and properlynamely, eat foods that contain magnesium, zinc, B vitamins, fish oil. These components affect testosterone production.
  • Have sex and masturbate regularly. . . Scientists have shown that abstinence from sexual activity can endanger health with serious health problems. The fact is that with the stagnation of the gonads does not come the production of the required number of hormones.
  • Don't forget about sports. . . The ideal exercise is running or lifting weights in the gym. Thanks to such loads, it is possible to saturate the tissues with oxygen, normalize blood circulation and tone the blood vessels of the penis.
  • Massage the genitals,After all, the massage itself is really useful. It will improve local metabolism, increase the smoothness, elasticity of the skin, clean the dermis of the penis from horny scales. In addition, penis massage removes venous congestion, improves blood circulation.

If this technique does not lead to penis thickening, you can try mechanical methods:

  1. Extender. . . This device is specially designed for stretching the penis by exposing it to a weight of 300 g to a kilogram. The fact is that the body involves a reaction to external pressure and begins to create new cells. These cells are endowed with a strict volume, which means that not only the length of the penis increases, but also its thickness.
  2. water pump. . . You can buy a vacuum pump in a sex shop. Thanks to its use, it is possible to increase blood flow to the phallus, and consequently increase its size. But this effect is temporary, when the blood circulation returns to normal, the size will return. By the way, constant use of the pump can improve erection and potency.
penis thickening extender

The use of a matrix is also an effective microsurgical method. Its thickness is 4 mm, it is installed in a circular position under the skin of the penis. After the operation, the thickness of the penis becomes 8 mm thicker. After this element is installed, the cells begin their reproduction in the pores of the matrix. Thus, you can observe the replacement of organic matter by soft tissue.

It is useful to note

The implanted connective tissue stays in the penis forever and does not require repeated surgical procedures.

Collagen injections remain popular, the substance injected into the penis will dissolve over time.

It also uses its own fat, which is pumped under the skin of the male sexual organ.

We must not forget that the penis is an organ, as part of the whole organism, so lack of sleep, stress, improper diet, alcohol will nullify all efforts aimed at thickening the male penis.


First Review, male, 32

I decided to have penis thickening surgery, I did lipofilling. I want to say that the diameter increased by 2 cm in the erect state. Aesthetics are not disturbed in a calm or excited state. By appearance, everything is completely natural. Although, when I feel it, there is a certain stamp in the middle of the phallus, but it does not seem to be something unusual. As for the sensations of sex, they have not changed, the same erection as before surgery. Another observation is the enlargement of the penis immediately after the operation, it is simply huge! After that, it began to shrink and became larger in volume than before the intervention. I am satisfied, and my partner says the feelings have changed for the better.

Second review, male, 35

I had surgery on adipose tissue. They explained that this is the most suitable material, since it is its own, it will not cause side effects, it will take root well. Dissuaded from using gels because they felt that these substances were not native, they could lead to complications. In general, I preferred adipose tissue. The operation went well, the small tumor has already subsided, the penis has increased by 2 cm. In short, I am now proud of my dignity! Recommended!