Is it possible to enlarge the penis with an extender?

The problem of penis size is quite relevant. Many men are constantly looking for ways and devices that can increase the penis by at least a few centimeters. An alternative to expensive surgery is a penis extender.

The penis enlargement extension is a mechanical device consisting of 2 rods - they can be plastic or metal, securely attached to the ring. There is a loop at the other end of the device - it is adaptable to individual parameters. The set of original devices includes bandages and dressings that protect the delicate skin of the phallus.

The device looks specific, not knowing what it is for, many could replace the extension with a "torture" machine. But in reality, the extender is completely safe to use and if used properly, it does not cause discomfort. The main thing is to put it on and fasten it correctly.

The principle of operation is simple - male dignity is constantly in a state of tension, as a result of which the penis extends in length, the cavities of the corpora cavernosa expand. The extender stretches not only the skin, but also the muscle tissue, which enables you to achieve life results. Consider what devices are, how do they differ and when to expect penis enlargement?

Types of penis extensors

There are various types of nodes. They differ in configuration, price, manufacturer and other characteristics. The large assortment allows you to choose the optimal device that ideally suits the shape of a certain man's penis, and this already increases the chances of a positive result.

Mechanical or loop devices are considered the most popular. The name is due to the connection of the penis through the loop. Despite the demand, such extenders are slowly leaving the market, because they are being replaced by modified models that help to accumulate centimeters on the penis.

A mechanical extension cord is cheap - that's a plus. The device is not a divorce, if used properly, strictly follow the instructions for use. Minus - often leads to negative consequences of use. On the forums, men complain of damage to the foreskin, strong compression of the head of the penis, problems with urination and uncomfortable tension.

The vacuum cleaner visually resembles a vacuum pump. Air is evacuated from it, which allows the creation of negative pressure inside the appliance. The device is equipped with a pear. Against the background of low pressure, the capillaries in the penis begin to expand rapidly, the flow of arterial blood increases and the volume of the corpora cavernosa increases.

Usually, such a device is recommended for men who have problems with potency or impotence. It is necessary to use a lubricant during application - it allows you to avoid injuries to the penis.

Tape extension features:

  • Ease of binding;
  • Lightweight construction, which does not create discomfort during wearing;
  • Positive result with regular use.

The vacuum glue system is the most modern device. Suitable for all men, without exception - regardless of age and penis size.

Advantages and disadvantages of the device

penis extender

The extension works. That is a fact. But, as elsewhere, there are nuances. Men notice that the expansion of the corpora cavernosa, which leads to subsequent enlargement of the penis, occurs relatively slowly, so there is no need to wait for the immediate result.

The devices are recognized by official medicine. Therefore, if there is any doubt about the suitability of the application, you can always consult a doctor. Urologists recommend that men use an extender instead of resorting to penis enlargement surgery.

The undeniable advantage of extenders is the long-term result. Dietary supplements, penis growth pills, specialized creams and ointments give only a temporary effect, and the device is permanent.

Advantages of using a penis enlargement extender:

  1. Safety of use. A man who agrees to carry the device risks much less than those who pass under a surgeon’s knife. With the help of surgery you can enlarge your penis much faster, but the likelihood of developing complications is very high.
  2. You can use the extension at any age. But there is a nuance - in youth it is much easier to achieve the desired result than after 40-45 years.
  3. Regular use has a positive effect on sexual life - erectile function improves in men, there is an increase in potency, sexual intercourse becomes longer.
  4. You can choose a device that perfectly fits your penis size.
  5. Large range of models in different price categories - for any wallet

All the shortcomings that the device has are directly due to the improper operation of the device. Violation of the wearing technique can cause serious damage - blue color of the penis, blood stasis, swelling.

The rest of the penis enlargement device is manifested only on the positive side.

Results of using a penis enlargement extender

measuring penis size after enlargement

Since many men are actively looking for the perfect way to enlarge their penis, you can find a huge number of reviews on the use of extenders on specialized websites. In general, they differ significantly.

Some members of the stronger sex could not wear the extension cord - it was uncomfortable, painful, strong tension and other reasons. Others notice a lack of performance, and still others are completely satisfied with the results.

The absence of positive changes can be easily explained - to achieve the effect, you need to wear an extension cord regularly, for at least 2 months. Many wear it for a few weeks, after measuring their penis and seeing no changes, they throw the device on another shelf - it’s their fault.

After three months of wearing you can get the following results:

  • The length of the penis increases by 0, 5-2 centimeters;
  • The volume of the reproductive organ increases to 1 cm;
  • The quality of getting up improves, the duration of the relationship increases.

Of course, these data are approximate, as different factors affect the efficiency of the device. These include the age of the man, proper use and wearing time per day.

The penis, like any other part of the body, does not increase rapidly in the background of external exposure. You can’t increase your penis by 5-10 inches in a few weeks or months.

Such results are physiologically impossible, even with the help of surgery.

How to improve growth performance?

using an extension to enlarge the penis

The member with the fastest growth is the first 6 months of use. During that time, the reproductive organ can increase by 20-25 centimeters from its original size. After six months the penis starts to grow much slower, which is quite normal. Some people think that after a year of operation, the device is not practical to use. But that is not the case.

Indeed, when a person exceeds the limit of 35% of the initial parameters, it may seem that the phallus does not grow - it may not change in the amount of 2-3 or even 5 months. But we have to be patient, the increase will be, but not so significant.

To achieve the desired effect, you must adhere to certain rules and recommendations. The following are recommended for men:

  1. Regular wear - at least 6 hours every day.
  2. It is necessary to set the optimal length of the bars. If you create strong tension, it will not accelerate growth, but will lead to negative consequences. And some argue that excessive exposure to the penis completely stops growth.
  3. It is better to divide the total duration of the application per day into sets - approaches. Do 2-3 batches of 3-4 hours a day.

Of course, it’s hard to believe in the effectiveness of a device, just based on the informative component. But you can always see from your own experience what millions of men have done, whose reviews confirm the effectiveness of penis extensors.