What are the results of using a vacuum penis pump

In the modern world, the question of the size of the genitals in men has become very acute, how to increase it in length and width, how to prolong sexual intercourse and achieve a strong erection, how to be a safe sexual partner without inflammation and with a long process. One of the most effective tools is a vacuum pump. What results can be achieved with this device and how to use the pump properly are the main questions that need to be answered. Let's consider in detail.

What does a vacuum penis pump consist of?

It is important to know that the pump is not only a means for penis growth, but also a sexual power enhancer. Therefore, we still recommend that you use this pump for the phallus. What are the parts of a vacuum pump for male dignity:

  1. The bulb is the supporting part of the whole mechanism, it is the base of the pump, where the penis is located.
  2. The sealing part is a rubber bottom with a left opening for fixing the penis.
  3. Rubber tube - a device for completely pumping air from a cylindrical flask.
  4. Piston device - as in a tonometer to change blood pressure. Used to create a vacuum environment.
Penis vacuum pump

All the details are interconnected and their proper use, according to the instructions for use, gives positive results that are achieved not in 2-3 applications, but in a few weeks or even months.

Types of vacuum pumps to increase the potency and size of the penis

Distinguish by type of pump: vacuum and air. Consider each in detail.

Rules for the operation of a vacuum pump for the penis

  1. Perform a detailed inspection of the O-ring, rounded on all sides. The clamp should be poured over the scrotum so that there is minimal stress in this area.
  2. Place the zucchini over the volume of the penis very smoothly and evenly, not forgetting to support the eggs, before you start pumping out the air masses. These manipulations provide a safe and comfortable penis enlargement procedure.
  3. Create progressive movements to create a vacuum environment. The next step, with the help of a specific valve, which is fixed on top of the device, removes excess fluid. It often happens that the piston must be tightened at least 7-8 times, so that the entire water supply is insulated.
  4. When you are completely drained of fluids, you can relax and rest for 5 minutes. If there is a feeling that the vacuum cleaner has loosened, inflate to the required level.
Water-vacuum penis pump

Bitan!Before using the device, take a hot bath, it will actively help you relax your genitals as well.

Penis air pump

The functionality of the pump is based on three most important tasks: these are new bright sensations during masturbation, increased power and, of course, an increase in long-awaited inches. To use the mechanism properly, you should:

  1. Place the penis in the zucchini in a normal dormant state, providing a strengthening part at the base of the penis.
  2. With the help of a piston and a tube, pump out all the oxygen, creating a vacuum inside and achieving an erection state.
  3. Reaching orgasm, let the air masses back, pull out the penis.

Rules for pumping members

  1. We take a clean device, lubricate the base of the penis and the entrance to the flask with lubricant.
  2. We place the organ in the device.
  3. We carefully and intensively pump out all the oxygen from the cylinder, the penis reaches the state of erection, and the environment is a vacuum environment.
  4. For reliability, bend the pipe and be sure to fasten it with an O-ring. The air elements will not penetrate in this way.
  5. We hold the barrel in this position for half an hour or forty minutes, you can masturbate with it if you wish.
  6. After the time has elapsed, turn the seal in reverse order and remove the kink, returning the air supply to the penis.

Contraindications and special cases of damage

In cases where errors in the use of the phallus vacuum pump are detected, there is very often a risk of injury or physical damage.

The researchers performed the following contraindications:

  1. It is often not worth using a pump, as this can lead to bruising and bruising on the organ.
  2. Pathological tendency to symptoms of different types of bleeding, when pressure is created in the zucchini, the rush of blood to dignity is activated, which can cause this disease.
  3. During the period of taking painkillers and drugs, since their effect will not make the opponent clear sensations that it is time to stop the process.
  4. Sensitivity to pain with onset of erection.

In all cases, it is worth leaving the vacuum and replacing it with other alternative devices or means.

Course methods of using a penis pump

  1. This method will help increase masculinity by 1-3 centimeters, because it is worth using the mechanism for the first 7 days, pumping the pump for 10 minutes a day. Then increase the operating time of the pump to 15 minutes, also during one full week, and then use the device twice a day - after lifting and before switching off each time for ten minutes. And finally, for the last week we have been increasing the activity time of the device to 15 minutes, twice the daily consumption.
  2. This method will help you strengthen your erection and expand your penis by 1 to 2 centimeters. We swing the pump daily for two weeks, adding a minute every day. Starting at five minutes. Over the next few weeks, add 2 minutes to the original result. Then we act in reverse order.
A man satisfies his wife with a strengthened erection using a penis pump

In order to consolidate the efficiency, it is necessary to repeat these manipulations at intervals equal to the speed of pump introduction.

The most important thing is to take into account the individual characteristics of the stronger sex, not to allow the device to work when there is at least one of the contraindications. The second mechanism is able to correct the congenital and acquired curvature of the penis. By acting under pressure, the action of the pump keeps the penis in a flat state, which is conducive to this problem.

Penis pump results

The undeniable benefits for male strength and torso are:

  1. The mechanism is external, not a drug for oral administration with a bunch of contraindications and side effects.
  2. Ease of use and high performance in a short time.
  3. Strengthening blood circulation and blood flow in the genitals, which is important for a strong and long-lasting erection.
  4. A minimal set of contraindications that indicate only the characteristics of the person.
  5. Long-awaited inches, both length and width, resulting in increased self-confidence and self-esteem.
  6. Potential indices increase even for age groups.
  7. Improves skin elasticity and conduction of blood vessels in the pelvic organs.
  8. Feelings are great after reaching orgasm.
  9. Up to three centimeters guaranteed increase in length, up to 2 centimeters in diameter, which is expensive, taking into account all the basic principles of pump use.
  10. You can make the device at home at minimal cost, which allows you to use a wonderful device to eradicate incognito impotence.
  11. It removes the curvature of masculinity, which is unique, because such problems are solved only surgically.
Male power in bed - the result of using a vacuum pump

A huge advantage of any of the existing devices is the guaranteed result. Within 4-6 months your penis will become much longer and wider, which will be an additional surprise for your partner. It won’t go unnoticed, and she will love you even more. Such a simple and safe way will help you gain self-confidence for a long time. I wish you health and many wonderful years of life.