The whole truth about penis size and an overview of penis enlargement methods

First of all, you need to decide what really means big and small penis size. It should be immediately noted that everything is relative on this issue. Some men have a fairly large penis at rest, but with an erection it may show small, while other men have a small penis at rest, and when an erection occurs, it increases significantly. There is also no correlation between penis length and thickness. Some men have a long but thin penis, others have a thick but short penis, again everything is relative.

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As for research,the average member of a normal sexually active man is more than 14, 5 cm. . . Most men have a member 15-16 cm long.

It should be noted that you should not be fooled by pornographic movies, where every man has a big penis. In fact, the actors are specially selected and have a penis larger than average, and they also use visual tricks to make their genitals even bigger.

What role does penis size play for women?

A question that interests most men. Although many women claim itpenis sizeit doesn’t matter to them, and it’s all in the right technique and a loving partner who treats them well, that’s only half the truth. In anonymous surveys, the number of women who claim that penis size is important to them, at least from an aesthetic point of view, is significantly higher than when they are examined face to face. This fact does not mean that a small penis cannot satisfy a woman, it does not mean that you cannot have an ideal sex life with hersmall penisbut the harsh truth is that size matters to most women. Don’t panic if you have a small penis, according to a joint study by several research institutes, 70% of all women are happy with their partner’s penis size, while only 50% of all men are happy with their penis. Therefore, the fictional problem is more real.

Good news.Not too big a dick is good eitherif a man has a huge penis, it can cause a woman discomfort during sex and even pain. The average vagina, which is very stretchy, is only about 11 cm. Thus, an average or slightly smaller than average penis can have its advantages, especially if anal sex is practiced.

Is it true that penis size is determined by genetics?

Definitely yes if you have a big or small is mostly determined by your genes. Sons of fathers with a large penis usually also have a large genital organ. For sons whose fathers they havelittle dickthey often have the same modest size. There are, of course, exceptions, but in general genes play a major role in size.

Can diets, pills, ointments, creams and gels advertised on the Internet increase penis size?

Neither food nor any supplements, pills, gels, creams and ointments affect the growth and size of the penis. . . Therefore, all the so-called penis enlargement pills offered on the Internet simply do not work, you should not believe in advertising tricks. All these pills and ointments can slightly increase the blood flow in the penis, which can be caused artificiallyincreased erection, but the effect stops as soon as the man finishes taking the pills and rubbing the gel into the penis. Ultimately, the man counts the time lost and the money he paid for the inconsistent performance.

On the resources for the sale of penis enlargement products, doctors smile enticingly from the front pages of websites, there you can also find fictional studies conducted somewhere in third world countries, read the misconceptions of reviews of famous porn stars, but in fact, this is a huge financial scheme. This is a very profitable business that sells cheap herbs for space money. All penis enlargement and thickening products are usually made in China, do not have original certificates and can be dangerous to health. Some websites write that their products are manufactured in laboratories approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but this does not mean that this department controls the product itself, like medicines in certified pharmacies. Worse, many of these pills contain undeclared substances to trick the consumer into believing that the product works great. There are hundreds of different so-called penis enlargement pills, including some very famous and popular brands. Hidden ingredients of the drug are often commonsildenafil, ,tadalafilorvardenafil, substances used to treat impotence and premature ejaculation. Although these medications can help patients with erectile dysfunction, they can also have dangerous side effects and interactions with other medications. Don’t risk your life and avoid taking questionable pills, no matter how tempting commercials or fake reviews may sound. Speaking of reviews, try to leave your reviews on such advertising sites, you simply will not be able to do so, because all reviews and comments are fabricated.

Can surgery increase the size of the penis?

Yes, it is possible without a doubt. For men with a small penis, the only real help is often surgical lengthening or thickening of the penis. Penis lengthening surgery is called a "ligamentotomy". Such an intervention involves cutting the ligament that supports the penis, which leads to elongation of the penis by 3-4 centimeters.

Penis thickeningIs a procedure that aims to increase the volume of the penis. To make the organ thicker, doctors resort to placing an Ultrapro mesh under the skin or injecting the patient’s own fat into the penis, this procedure is called lipophilization.

True, the performed penis enlargement operation is completely safe, does not worsen the erection, does not leave visible scars and does not predispose to other complications.

In Ukraine, plastic urologists have gained significant practical experience and knowledge regarding penis enlargement operations, but, unfortunately, there are very few such specialists so far. Cities such as Nikolaev, Kiev, and Kharkiv have the greatest practice of operative penis enlargement in Ukraine.

Can an extender, stretcher or vacuum pump enlarge the penis without surgery?

penis enlargement pump

Extensions, stretchers, vacuum pumpsbecoming more popular, they are often sold for a lot of money. Urologists - andrologists reasonably advise to stay away from such devices, because their independent use can lead to chronic damage to the corpora cavernosa, tunic albuginea, nerves and veins of the penis. In the worst case, the use of penis enlargers and extenders canlead to erectile dysfunction. . . Although many urologists warn of the dangers of using extensions, stretchers and vacuum pumps, men often warn of these warnings. Patients often trust sites because they are attracted to fake certificates, fake patient reviews, recommendations from non-existent doctors, photos before and after penis enlargement taken in Photoshop.

Yesjelqing (jelq) make my little onemember more?

Jelqing or penis training. The cheapest way to increase, because jelq does not require accessories that must be purchased. At its core jelqing is a regular massage that a man does to himself. Jelq can be compared to masturbation in a semi-ordered state. The yelqing technique consists of stretching the penis with the hands, squeezing, stroking, rotating. But it should be immediately noted that no official research has confirmed, in any case, the slightest benefit of jelqing. All information that jelq increases penis size is based only on dubious reviews and misleading articles on forums and websites. He will definitely not be able to enlarge his penis by exercising, but at the same time it is quite possible to earn a penis injury and impaired erectile function. It is impossible to ignore the appearance of psychological fixation of men in the background of jelq training. Men, who go by yelking, get quite upset not achieving the desired result, which leads to fear of sexual intercourse and negatively affects the erection.

What other ways can I enlarge my penis?

Even without an actual increase in size, the penis can be enlarged, both at rest and during an erection.The easiest way is to shave pubic hair.if these hidden 1-2 inches suddenly become visible, it will already be impressive. In case a man is a few pounds overweight, the loss of fat in the groin can visually enlarge the penis. True, this is pure optical magnification, but a simple and fast method for the penis is cheap and without surgery.

What is small penis syndrome (SMS)?

Contrary to popular belief,small penis syndrome is a mental disorderand refers to the syndrome of bodily dysmorphophobia. In fact, this is a misperception of your own body. Men who suffer from a physical dysmorphic disorder believe that their penis is too small, they are obsessed with this thought, but at the same time the size of the penis is completely normal. Symptoms are severe and include anxiety, depression, and isolation from women. This is a rather rare psychological disorder, and is often caused by negative personal experiences, such as rejection of a woman and other sexual problems. If you think your penis is small but at the same time of normal size, then it is better to seek professional help from your doctor.

Is there a link between penis size and premature ejaculation?

A small penis is usually the same as a large penis, but surprisingly there is some connection, many men with relatively small penises claim to sperm quickly. From a purely medical point of view, this may be a coincidence, but not a psychological one. No matter how important or insignificant the size of the penis is for a woman, men with a small penis still feel insecure. This insecurity leads to stress and psychological stress, which contributes to premature ejaculation. After such a failed, rapid intercourse, more stress occurs and the next time ejaculation happens even faster, such a cycle is hard to break. This is the main reason why penis enlargement often helps to prolong the time of sex.

Small penis and confidence.

And last but not least, the biggest problem with a small penis- it is not the penis itself, but the man tied to it. Each member is different and unique, you can have a fulfilled sex life even if your size is smaller than average. Always keep in mind that most of the pleasurable sexual sensations that women experience during intercourse come from her clitoris, not from her vagina. In addition, it is important for a woman not only what is between your legs, but also what kind of person you are and how you treat her. This is probably the most important and most appreciated piece of advice I can give: try not to emphasize the size of your manhood, a big dick will magically not make you happier and more attractive to women. Don’t let the size of your penis control your self-esteem.